Make the most out of LinkedIn.

The number of healthcare professionals on LinkedIn and their use of the platform is growing, as are the number of hospitals and other healthcare providers. Learn about how a strong LinkedIn profile can help you get noticed, open the door to new professional relationships and enhance your professional presence.

LinkedIn is the largest online network for working professionals with millions of active job listings. More than just an electronic copy of your resume, LinkedIn gives you access to 4 important career assets:

  1. A place to truly display all your experience.
  2. Network and build relationships with other professionals.
  3. Job search.
  4. Keep current on industry trends and newsworthy events.

The number of health care professionals on LinkedIn along with their use has grown significantly. The same can be said for the number of hospitals and other health care providers.

With a polished, professional profile on LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to set yourself apart from everyone else. And it’s not hard to do!

Show off your professional achievements.

LinkedIn is a great place to show off all your professional achievements and create a positive online professional image.  You can display your education, work experience, training, and certifications in a single location.

Network and make connections.

Making connections and professional networking should be your priority. You can form connections with current and former co-workers, supervisors, professors, mentors, and industry leaders. Connections lead to opportunities, and building your professional network is important no matter what point you are at in your career.

Your connections can provide you with recommendations or endorsing your skills on your profile. A recommendation will display directly on your profile and tells others how your connections feel about your work. Proactively reach out and ask your connections for a recommendation, especially if they were your superior. Your connections can also endorse the skills you have added to your profile.

Look for a new job.

If you are planning to switch jobs or careers, LinkedIn’s job search function can help you find local or non-local employers looking to hire someone with your credentials.

Also consider visiting the Job Board Network to see if there are any match jobs for your credentials.

Join groups.

LinkedIn Groups provide a place for professionals in the health care industry to share content, find answers and make business contacts. Search for groups of health care professionals that post valuable information and can help you enhance your career. Once you’re a group member, you’re able to join like-minded members in conversations and ask them questions.

Read and share content.

There are many organizations and associations in the healthcare industry that are active on LinkedIn. They will share articles and links to news. By following these organizations, their content will show up on your LinkedIn newsfeed. This is a quick and easy way to keep current on topics in healthcare. You can share these articles on your own LinkedIn newsfeed, showing your interest in the industry.

Connect with your professional association.

If you decide to use LinkedIn, creating a strong profile and updating it often is important. Here are a few tips on improving your LinkedIn profile:

  • Use a good photo. If you don’t have a high-quality, professional headshot for your profile, ask a friend to take a photo of how you would look on a job interview in professional dress with a plain background.
  • Personalize your LinkedIn URL. When you edit your profile, you have the option to create a personal URL which adds a professional look to your resume or cover letter. Your personal URL will look something like this:
  • Perfect your summary. Write this in the first person and talk about your strengths, experiences and what you bring to the table as a professional. You can also mention what you’re looking for or the type of people you want to connect with.
  • Expand your resume. While it is usually recommended that resumes don’t exceed one page, your LinkedIn profile has no limits. This gives you the opportunity to expand on your personal and career goals and bio, to add more details to your job duties and expand on your professional accomplishments.

Professional networking is an ongoing process. A strong LinkedIn profile can help you get noticed, open the door to new professional relationships and enhance your professional presence. Good luck!